Spiritual Life

Founded upon our Christian Faith.
Loving God, Loving our Neighbor, Living as Family.

Our Saviour Lutheran School is the foremost Lutheran educational institution in New York City, located in the Bronx alongside our supporting congregations – The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Saviour & Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church. At our school, students of all backgrounds experience a high-quality education in a caring, familial community rooted in the Christian faith, specifically within the Lutheran tradition.

At OSL, we challenge students to think critically, explore fearlessly, and lead with courageous compassion. Our Christ-centered curriculum empowers students to make a meaningful impact, both in their vocation and by learning to serve their neighbors and communities. In our classrooms, students participate in open dialogue, receive personal attention from teachers who are prepared to answer tough questions about life in our city, our nation, and in the world, especially through the power of asking questions and being thoughtful and intentional with our words.

Lutheran Identity

Our Saviour Lutheran School is Christian – and Lutheran – on purpose. It is for this reason that we intentionally recruit and hire talented Christian faculty and staff, who share a common faith in Jesus Christ. We want our school community to radiate a healthy, Christian atmosphere, modeling the various ways to embody Christ to our students and to each other. We seek to live, teach, and proclaim the Good News that through Jesus Christ all can have forgiveness of sin and eternal life. Whether you are a life-long Lutheran Christian or come from another faith tradition, you may be wondering what Lutheran Christians believe, and what difference it makes in the classroom. Learning in the Lutheran-Christian tradition (known also as the Lutheran distinctive, Lutheran ethos, Lutheran learning model, Lutheran learning framework, etc.) consists of six core elements, which overlap with one another: The Theology of the Cross; God’s Sovereignty and Human Finitude; Two Kingdoms; Paradox and Dialogue; Vocation; and Freedom.

Why Choose a Christian School?

Our Christian faith allows us to move each day without fear of the challenges and struggles faced in everyday life. This fearlessness comes from our trust in the faithfulness of our ever-faithful God. With this trust, we then address every situation in life with care, concern, and intentional focus on “speaking the truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15). This not only exist in the ways that we teach our students to live; also, we seek to exemplify this in our life as a school community, especially in our public witness.

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All Are Welcome

Being in New York City, we see the incredible gift of diversity that exists in our neighborhoods and communities. Understanding this, we seek to be inclusive in all that we do as an instiution of education, especially one founded upon the Christian Faith. Being inclusive means ensuring that every member of our school “family” receives the proper opportunity to be heard and know that they are surrounded by active listening from all others involved in any situation in our life together. Having this understanding is vital because it is then understood and recognized that disagreement might exist and some involved may be wrong or incorrect. While that brings layers of challenge to any situation in life, this faithful approach leads to a vitally important aspect of our lives: belonging. As Christians, of course, this is a beautiful outcome because our belonging is centered in Christ. We belong because of what He has done and our identity is found in Him. Knowing this, we celebrate our diversity and we intentionally seek out equity and inclusion, realizing that they are vital to our witness as we can learn and grow through the active listening that we are able to do and the sharing of God’s perfect love with which we’ve been made, formed, and gifted to share. To learn more about our intentional focus upon diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, see our statement regarding DEI.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Saviour

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Saviour is a faithful community in Christ that receives and shares the gifts of God. To learn more about our supporting congregation, visit The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Saviour.

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church is the “Family of Faith” in the Castle Hill/Unionport section of the Bronx, New York Trinity exists to receive and share God’s gifts. To learn more about our supporting congregation, visit Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church.