At Our Saviour Lutheran School, we uphold the goal of our school’s vision with great seriousness: Our students will recognize the example set for them and be uplifted to work towards the betterment of society in an ever-changing world. Your gifts lead us forward in the holistic growth of our young people, especially knowing that they are being prepared to face the grand challenges of life’s complexities.

We are committed to transforming the student learning experience, especially focused on that which the Church throughout the world has overlooked for far too long – intentional work towards justice & equity. Our Bronx location in the heart of the city gives our school the unique mission opportunity to serve BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color) communities that are far too often underserved and overlooked. We fearlessly engage the needs of those who have been affected by historic injustice, oppression, and inequality through education and the Gospel in a way that other schools are not positioned or equipped. Our students leave OSL as resourceful young adults made ready for college and the workforce. This is not possible without the help of our partners and donors – that means YOU.


Want to give to a fantastic cause? Offer a gift to our school’s efforts to provide quality education at an affordable cost. Your gift goes directly to funding our scholarship and grant offerings so that every student has the opportunity to attend Our Saviour Lutheran School.

Scaled Tuition at OSL

At OSL, we are committed to making high-quality education accessible to families in the Bronx, the boroughs of NYC, and beyond. We recognize affordability is an important consideration for many families, which is why we offer scaled tuition.

Our scaled tuition model is a means of helping as many families as possible afford excellent education for their children. We know this is often the greatest priority, and FACTS, our school’s tuition management system, provides a clear, impartial, and transparent process for determining every student’s financial eligibility.

Scaled tuition is a range that spans from approximately 25-75% of the full cost of education at OSL. No family at OSL pays the true cost of tuition, which we hope to continue allowing thanks to the generosity of our annual donors and our City To Come scholarship fund.

Learn more about the cost of tuition for 2024-25.

Scholarship Offerings

We offer significant scholarship opportunities, alongside considerable financial assistance. We never want the cost of tuition to be a burden that would not allow students to receive their education at OSL. Instead, our tuition is still the lowest for a private education in the Bronx and the third lowest in the metro NY area. Learn more about the scholarships that we offer and inquire about their availability.

Giving The Chance to Save Lives

Sadiku Ibine Ayo

Sadiku came to our school from a small village in Ghana, a costal nation on the western part of the continent of Africa. While his family struggled to survive in impoverished conditions, Sadiku came to the United States – at the young age of 15 years old – to pursue a formal education while furthering his athletic gifts.

At OSL, we watched as Sadiku grew from a child into a kind, caring, thoughtful young man. As a Muslim student in a Christian school, his dedication to his faith and his character stood out in unique ways while he remained inquisitive about and intrigued by the Christian faith and the values which we uphold. In his theology classes, he would always spark great conversation while remaining respectful and open to learning more about why Christians believe what we believe.

By the time Sadiku became a senior at Our Saviour, he had grown into a leader who understood what it meant to “love your neighbor,” and he took seriously the familial culture that draws students to our school community. Together, we celebrated as Sadiku lead our OSL National team to its first Grind Session World Championship and he earned a full scholarship to Iona University. As Sadiku continues his academic career at Iona University, we are excited for his journey, especially as he hopes to achieve success that will allow him to care for his family and village in Ghana.

For this incredible student, the support of those who donate and give to our school allowed him the opportunity to grow and care for those whom he loves in his home country while becoming part of our “OSL Family”. We love you, Sadiku, and we are so excited for your future!

OSL - Grad Book

Aria Diaz-Allen

Aria came to OSL in the midst of her formative years, needing to have a safe environment in which to grow and learn. Raised by her amazing mother, Aria understood the challenges of staying focused on her education and she wanted a place where she would be cared for and guided into the next season of her life.

Of course, growing and learning is not always an easy endeavor. Aria was dedicated to working hard and ensuring that her academic career was successful, being willing to stay after school to meet with teachers and prepare for success in the classroom. She also grew in her faith, asking thoughtful questions in her theology classes and being a very active participant in our weekly worship service. As we gathered to celebrate the love of Jesus and give thanks for His goodness and grace, you could often hear Aria’s voice leading the responsive parts or singing the songs of praise!

At the same time, Aria was growing in her love for the school community. As a senior, she helped lead our newly formed “Young Women of Worth” group, which encourages our young women to be people of character and strength as they prepare for their lives after high school. Aria also become involved with our athletic program, assisting in the production of our game films and being a part of our hospitality team.

Thanks to her willingness to learn and her pursuit of excellence, we are excited that Aria will now continue her career at the University of Albany (NY), attending with an academic scholarship. Through the support of our givers and friends, Aria is looking forward to being an inspiration for those who are able to follow the example she set during her time at Our Saviour Lutheran School. We love you, Aria, and we are very proud of you!

Our Supporting Congregations

Through wonderful connections with the people of God, we are thankful to have the support of congregations and donors who care about the mission, vision, and values of Our Saviour Lutheran School. We hope to have this list continue to grow, which means that we would love to add YOU or YOUR CONGREGATION!
Learn more about how you can support us by contacting our Executive Leadership Team.

Tri-Annual Partner Congregations

Cornerstone Lutheran Church
(Carmel, IN)

(Coming Soon!)

Association Congregations

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Saviour

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Saviour is a faithful community in Christ that receives and shares the gifts of God. To learn more about our supporting congregation, visit The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Saviour.

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church is the “Family of Faith” in the Castle Hill/Unionport section of the Bronx, New York Trinity exists to receive and share God’s gifts. To learn more about our supporting congregation, visit Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church.